The Greatest Gift | Gabriel + Joanna

The Wedding Story:
“I’m very excited and very happy. I can’t wait to be with Joanna every day.” Gabriel said.
Some weddings make our hearts beat a little bit faster. This simple wedding affair is one of them. There is beauty in simplicity and the carefully handcrafted moments brought this celebration to life.
After years of waiting for the right man to come, Joanna almost gave up on love. “I didn’t think that this would still happen to me, words could not express how happy I am. In every church I went to, I always prayed to God to lead the right man to me. I know Gab is my answered prayer.” Joanna said.
Gab and Joanna first met in early 2009. After passing the nursing board exam, Gab worked at a nursing review center with Joanna’s eldest sister. During those times, Gab and Joanna would see each other in the hallways. With those few encounters Gab told himself that Joanna was very pretty.
At the end of 2009, Gab left for Manila to become a policeman. For four years, the two lived separate lives, both of them unaware that their paths would cross again.  After more than a year of being together, a policeman and an employee of a newspaper company are finally getting married.
We present to you a wedding story that will steal your heart.
Preparation: Sequoia Hotel Manila, Philippines
Ceremony: Sacred Heart Parish Manila, Philippines
Reception: Romulo Cafe Manila, Philippines
Make-up: Randy Gabin
Bridal Gown: Cora Manimbo
Videographer:  Aceron Studios

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