Neil Mark & Romherlyn

“From the day we first met you have asked me to be your girlfriend and you have asked me to marry you now its my turn to ask you a very important question,

would you be my husband for life?
That touching moment made our Groom teary eyed while reading our Bride’s heartfelt message for him before walking down the aisle! so sweet and in love! this couple have the best chemistry and authentic adoration for each other.
Sharing a 7th day Adventist Wedding with a darling couple in love, Neil Mark & Romherlyn. bringing on board the talented Photographer Jun Estacio with the help of Joy Antillon Dayag Make up that emphasized on our bride’s natural beauty.
This wedding was a dream to be a part of, Prepare to fall in love!
Preps: henry hotel
Ceremony: adventist medical center church
Reception: ibarras garden

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