Grow Old With You | Deo + Cheche

The Wedding Story:  Distance is one of life’s challenges where the strength of relationships are tested. The struggle is never easy but for Deo & Cheche.  It was a journey through their lives that was worth going through.
They met at Padis Point where they used to work in July 2009. There wasn’t any attraction at first but as time passed by.  Cheche saw how responsible, patient and how good of a man Deo is. While he saw Cheche in his eyes as a loving and caring person who is truly beautiful inside and out.  From that moment on, they fell for one another.
In 2010, Deo had to work in Dubai in and in 2011, Cheche went to work in Denmark.  It was hard for them not having to be with each other and only meeting once a year. It was hard for Cheche the most, thinking about their situation made her cry in pain but they had to make sacrifices for their families, not for long they managed to overcome the sadness by using Skype. Though they’re both far apart, it didn’t stop them from doing what normal couples do, like eating, sleeping, talking, and face-timing through Skype. Five years passed and finally, Deo asked Cheche to marry him, and here they are–tying the knot and beginning a new chapter of their lives. One of which Cheche hoped for, to grow old with her beloved Deo.
Here today at Balai Taal Tagaytay, a new chapter in their lives is beginning to unfold. Families and friends gather at the magnificent San Antonio De Padua to witness the union of two souls under God’s grace. Sealing their marriage with a kiss, the young couple are now husband and wife. A glorious wedding for a couple who stood together through the test of time. Congratulations and God bless!
Preparation and Reception: Balai Taal Tagaytay, Philippines
Ceremony: San Antonio De Padua Tagaytay, Philippines
Bridal Gown:  Edwin Dominguez
Make-up: Keyt Gaudier
Videographer:  Aceron Studios
Photographer: Quirky Creatives by Noel Salazar
Coordinator: Team Station Event Planner by Annie Vocalan Palacio

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